Month: May 2019

The state of alcohol marketing evidence and policy in the UK

Nathan Critchlow, Institute for Social Marketing, University of Stirling Until recently, research exploring how much alcohol marketing young people in the UK see has been limited to either those over the minimum legal purchasing age or adolescents in Scotland. This has created important gaps in the evidence, which also has implications for informing policy need and prioritisation.

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Penal reform: pragmatic plan and cross-party consensus

Dr Hannah Graham, Senior Lecturer in Criminology, Faculty of Social Sciences As Scotland’s prison population spirals towards unenviable heights, passive acceptance of the status quo is increasingly at odds with notions of an effective and ethical justice system. To try to address this, the Scottish Government are about to introduce plans to the Scottish Parliament

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Violence Against Women in Politics (#VAWP) – The Antithesis of (Online) Equality

Dr Kim Barker, Lecturer in Law, Stirling Law School Dr Olga Jurasz, Senior Lecturer in Law, The Open University Law School Increasingly, online participation is being threatened through manifestations of online violence, especially online violence against women. Such behaviours reflect the normalization of inequality offline and are online reflections of offline patriarchal tendencies. This directly

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Housing impacts on health and wellbeing – implications for policy and practice

Dr Steve Rolfe, Research Fellow in Housing Studies, University of Stirling Dr Lisa Garnham, Public Health Research Specialist, Glasgow Centre for Population Health Considerable research to date has focused mainly on the detrimental impacts of homelessness or poor-quality housing. However, recent research led by academics at the University of Stirling demonstrates a number of ways

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Policy Interventions for Healthier Diets: Insights from Scotland

Professor Leigh Sparks, Professor of Retail Studies, Institute for Retail Studies, Stirling Management School, University of Stirling I recently had the opportunity to present to Finnish Ministries and Finnish retailing cooperative S-Group, discussing policy interventions for healthier diets and drawing on recent developments in Scotland. The presentation came at the invitation of Hannu Saarijarvi.  As noted

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Landlords will be forbidden from evicting tenants for no reason – but reform has only just begun

Kim McKee, Senior Lecturer, Social Policy and Housing, University of StirlingTom Simcock, Research Fellow, Edge Hill University Change is coming. Soon, private tenants in England will have the security they need to call their rented house a home. The UK government has announced plans to abolish “no fault” Section 21 evictions in England, meaning that landlords will no longer

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