Month: June 2024

Election 2024: migrants aren’t to blame for Britain’s housing crisis

Dr Regina Serpa, Lecturer in Housing Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Stirling Migration has become “the most toxic issue” in British politics, driving intensely emotional debates that are often based on prejudice and misunderstanding. Similarly emotional is housing – a finite resource in high demand at a time of crisis. Throughout Europe, housing shortages have

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The Lib Dems want to tax the banks more – is this a good idea?

Professor Robert Webb, Professor of Banking & Applied Economics, Stirling Management School, University of Stirling Professor Duncan Watson, Professor of Applied Economics, University of East Anglia The Liberal Democrats were the first party to unveil their manifesto and the first party to break ranks and declare increases in tax, or sort of. Ed Davey announced that they

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LGBT+ access to housing – a problem for the future?

Professor Peter Matthews, Professor of Social Policy and LGBTQ+ Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences One of the challenges of housing policy is that the decisions we make today have repercussions for decades, or even centuries, to come. As is widely reported in the media, across the UK we’re experiencing a housing crisis: rising numbers of people

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