Month: March 2020

Why we need to ask questions about the birth control conditions attached to treatment for women who use drugs

Dr Maria Fotopoulou, Lecturer in Criminology, Faculty of Social Sciences Dr Tessa Parkes, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Social Sciences Dundee, the city with the highest rate of drug deaths in Europe, is the first place in Scotland to deliver the Pause intervention to 20 women from some of the city’s poorest areas. The programme, which

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Retail Armageddon – Non Food

Professor Leigh Sparks, Professor of Retail Studies, Institute for Retail Studies, Stirling Management School In my last post, I considered some of the best and worst behaviours we have seen in food retailing during the COVID-19 crisis to date.  Now we have the Government lockdown and the splitting of retailing into essential and non-essential shops,

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Who can you trust during the coronavirus crisis?

Paul Cairney, Professor of Politics, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Stirling Adam M. Wellstead, Associate Professor of Public Policy, Social Sciences, Michigan Tech Trust is essential during a crisis. It is necessary for cooperation. Cooperation helps people coordinate action, to reduce the need for imposition. It helps reduce uncertainty in a complex world.

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Retail Armageddon

Professor Leigh Sparks, Professor of Retail Studies, Institute for Retail Studies, Stirling Management School A couple of weeks ago we were delighted to have Helen Dickenson, Chief Executive of the British Retail Consortium deliver our Retail Futures lecture. Her title, Retail Armageddon or Reinvention? and her presentation were about the retail restructuring underway. Three weeks

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Gendered Misinformation & Online Violence Against Women in Politics: Capturing legal responsibility?

Dr Kim Barker, Lecturer in Law, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Stirling Dr Olga Jurasz, Lecturer in Law, The Open University Social media, and online presences are increasingly available to facilitate the participation of women in politics, and political movements. Without such interactive platforms, equality of representation would be an unachievable goal, and

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Coronavirus and the UK economy

Professor David Bell, Stirling Management School The UK economy is facing a precipitous drop in demand. This fall is likely to be short-lived and is specific to a range of customer-facing industries. Social distancing is already having a hugely detrimental effect on transport, tourism, sport and hospitality. What is the appropriate policy response? To avoid

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Coronavirus should give us hope that we are able to tackle the climate crisis

Dr David Comerford, Senior Lecturer in Economics, Stirling Management School Coronavirus has disrupted everyday life throughout the world through travel bans, flight restrictions and the cancellation of sporting and cultural events. More than 10 million Italians have been banned from travelling, and all public events cancelled. In China, 30 million people are still under lockdown,

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