Month: June 2020

Coping with the COVID-19 pandemic – the central role of home

Dr Steve Rolfe, Research Fellow in Housing Studies, University of Stirling Dr Lisa Garnham, Public Health Research Specialist, Glasgow Centre for Population Health The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that most of us are spending much more time at home. At the same time, many of us are also experiencing higher levels of stress and anxiety

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Shopping in a Post-Lockdown World

Professor Leigh Sparks, Professor of Retail Studies, Institute of Retail Studies, University of Stirling Well, we’ve just had the sunniest spring on record, as well as the driest.  As we apparently ease out of lockdown we can but hope that such conditions continue, because when you look at some of the operational actions retailers and

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A New Green Shovel? Options for the transport stimulus package

Professor Iain Docherty, Dean of the Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Stirling Professor Jillian Anable, Professor of Transport and Energy, University of Leeds Professor Greg Marsden, Professor of Transport Governance, University of Leeds As we begin the difficult transition out of lockdown, attention is already turning to what kind of stimulus package will be

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