Month: August 2020

The Stirling Protocol: Environment at the Heart of Inclusive Growth

Professor Maggie Cusack, Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Stirling Environment & Economy do not oppose The Scottish Government is committed to addressing climate change and achieving Net Zero by 2045. Many organisations and individuals are keen to do the right thing to address climate change but are often unsure about the

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Children’s access to a system of complaints and redress in family law: accountability for children

Fiona Morrison, Lecturer in Child Wellbeing and Protection, Faculty of Social Sciences, University Stirling Professor Kay Tisdall, Chair of Childhood Policy, Moray House School of Education and Sport, University of Edinburgh The Children (Scotland) Bill will reform the law that deals with how children participate in decisions about child contact. The Bill promises to improve the legislation’s compliance with

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Obesity and Covid-19: Tackling two global pandemics

Dr Rachel Crockett, Lecturer in Psychology, Faculty of Natural Sciences Covid-19 is changing the way we think about the world. We are used to being able to go shopping, without a second thought, book a trip on the spur of the moment or meet up casually with friends for a meal.  In the UK we

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